I Can Do K-Pop Dancing?

K-Pop for those who don’t know stands for Korean Pop, it takes a different take on the regular pop music but combining both eastern and western cultures to create this hybrid. Korean Pop music is very popular especially when it comes from boy band/girl bands who are owned by big companies. It has been due to big groups such as BTS (Bangtan Boys) and BLACKPINK that westerners have learned of the existence of K-Pop.

That is a short summary of what is K-Pop is in a nutshell, but the next topic is K-Pop dance or better known as K Dance (K-Pop Dance) which take influences from hip hop and commercial dancing, two urbanised dances and creates this super cool hybrid. The thing I love about dance is that it takes bits from other dance styles, transforms them and creates super cool pieces.

The first time I saw K-Pop dancing was when I discovered the music from bands like BTS, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, 4Minute, Big Bang, 2NE1 and countless others. I was amazed by the dancing and wanted to try it out. I soon realised though that it was too hard a level for me to learn as I was still fairly new to the world of dance and know what is/is not capable for me. Even my friends who love K-Pop would do covers of the dancing but I never could, I thought about giving up. Before you say, I know once you give up I will probably do it again which probably has happed. Oops!

I then was looking in different dance studios that would be good to take classes for urbanised dances. I came across Base Dance Studios, I saw so many classes. With their app, it became very easy to book the classes and know which ones were booked so I was put on a waiting list and the rest were added to my time table. I then coincidently came across K-Pop dance classes, by Love K-Pop Dance London, which was a company founded by Louise Quan.

Their words of why they created it is “Our goal is simple. We want you to have fun, help you to grow your confidence in dance and of course who doesn’t like a bit of dance fitness! Our emphasis is on training and ensuring you feel able to dance in a safe environment where everyone feels supported by one another”. 

Before I came to this class, I thought me ever learning K-Pop dance was hopeless but that was before and this is now. It was an incredible atmosphere, everyone is so welcoming and been having the best time ever. When I first arrived I was really nervous, but while dancing every where I looked, I could tell everyone was having so much fun. Seeing them all have fun made me have some too. Louise was an amazing teacher and every time I went, I kept meeting such friendly people. Not only that she is one of the sweetest and funniest people ever and hope to keep learning from her in the future. 

The classes don’t just focus on K Dance but also a commercialised workshop which uses more commerical dance moves and a slightly different kind of feel to it/pace. It nice having that change and exploring a different side to K Dance but with more different moves that can be applied to other dances. I love both workshops, they each have their own flair and can’t wait for more. 

The level that gets taught at is classes is not the same level of advanced K Dance like the big bands but something to get started with. When doing these choreographies, I would feel so sassy and powerful. When I dance I’m happy as can be and combining dance with k-pop its so aweosme. Can somebody say BONUS!!!! 

Although I am not able to go to every session I hope I can go to some every now and again. I hope someday I can create my own K-Pop dance choreography. 
What Love K-Pop Dance has taught me is, you can do any type of dance just have fun and do your best. 

If you have done any K-Pop dance classes, I would love to know your experiences too. 
Have a fabulous day!
Kite Visionary 

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