Maids of England 8th Anniversary Pop Up Maid Cafe

Maids of England are a UK based maid cafe, which brings the whole experience of ‘maid cafe’ from the East and introduces it to the West. The concept of ‘maid cafe’ is popular in the east especially ‘Japan’ which is the forefront of fashion, trends, games, anime and more. Maid cafes differ from the stereotypical cafe of just being served by someone and the typical interaction of bringing the food, bill and so on. Maid cafes are different in the way the staff dress in butler/maid attire and who have different personalities that they role-play, this plays on the whole aspect fantasy. This type of cafe introduces something to westerners who are experiencing something, that is not the norm.

A few days a go, I bought a ticket to attend the Maids of England pop up cafe at the Bellavita shop. Maids of England are one of many cafes which strongly appeal to a niche consumer base who are interested in Japanese culture or anything ‘kawaii’. I first came across Maids of England during my visit to Hyper Japan. I was served by maid Mima-san who was a good witch casting spells enchanting your heart. The thing I like about maid cafes, it that it is like I am having a conversation with a friend, just talking about life, interests and get a chance to admire how kawaii they are.

Every visit I have had to their pop up maid cafes, I have always left with a smile. The moment I enter their cafe, it is like a new world, where they greet you as Oujo-sama (lady) and Goushujin-sama (master) which by far is one of the most flattering things, makes me blush UwU .

This time at their pop up maid cafe, they were celebrating their 8th anniversary, it is a different experience being in an actual shop pop up, not to mention so many cute things. I loved how each maid had their own style representing their own personalties and likes.

I was served by maid Amelia-san, who was such a cutie and had the pleasure to be in her presence. Not to mention it was fun getting to see how cute maid Willow-san can be, she entertained me and my new friends quite a bit. So many fun games and so many memories, it is these things that make a maid cafe worth visiting, way more better than regular cafes. By the way I got to beat Amelia-san still don’t know how I did it, but a win is a win and I’m looking forward to beating her in another game during my next visit.

Before I forget I cannot forget about all the delicious treats that I got to taste and savour. I got an entire set, a drink, a main and some good old dessert. For my drink, I got an Ichigo (strawberry) Pose drink, so pink, so kawaii and so good. It was very nice, sweet and so refreshing. It consisted of “strawberry milk served with whipped cream and special cutout so you could become a MOE maid!”.

Followed by that was the main, Oyasumi-Omurice (goodnight – omelette rice) which was a “fried tomato rice, tucked under a cosy omelette blanket, decorated with ketchup”. This was the first time I got a chance to try this magical treat, and had to savour every single bite. The omelette was nice and fluffy, not to heavy and very delicate like a blanket. The rice was cooked very finely, and a nice orange colour. With the addition of the ketchup condiment that added to the decor value of the dish, nice and presentable, super kawaii. It was so kawaii, that it made it hard to destroy such a piece of food art after Amelia-san spent time crafting this treat for me. Eventually had to eat it, the cute bears are now sitting in my stomach.

Ending the day of sweet treats was probably my favourite of all for a sugar fiend like me. The dessert I chose was the ‘Totally Carrot Cake’ it was a “creamy fabulous carrot cake topped with caramel flakes made by Maid Amelia herself! includes a laminated chibi to take home!”. I probably only got it because of the kawaii chibi version of Amelia-san but the dessert was really good too. The appearance of the cake, was a nice pink frosting, the flakes and sugar was so good. I could feel all the energy from the sugar, making me so powerful. I felt guilty after having it but boy did my tummy feel like a happy little boy.

By the way also took some very kawaii chekis (polaroids) with an individual maid and a ‘harem cheki’ (polaroid with all the maids/butlers). Look at all of us so kawaii, I can never leave without having a picture with all the amazing people. I chose head maid Khao-san for my individual, I always love her style and love how much of a strong woman she can be, plus adds to what makes her so kawaii being in charge and stern. Every maid and butler, has something that makes them unique and appealing to the guests, they have a way of getting into your hearts and making you experience a great time.

Overall, it is a good place to experience and visit, lovely and friendly people. In addition, someone like me who went alone, got to connect with new friendly people who were very likeminded. For an introvert like me, gives me a chance to have fun meeting and learning about new people.

Thank you for everything Maids of England, if you are interested on the adventures I got up to, I asked permission from them to film a vlog of my visit. It is down below and let me know if you have visited Maids of England.

Thank you for taking your time to read and hope you have a fabulous day.

Kite Visionary xx

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