Mister Fitz Finest Ice Cream Quality Froyo

Currently we are having a heat wave in London, and anyone who is anyone is then reduced to sweat in a matter of seconds. How do you combat the threat? Answer is with some top quality froyo from Mister Fitz Finest Ice Cream. 
I came across this place via my instagram feed from one of my friends. The shop was very appealing both the exterior and interior. The exterior, is all pink with a neon sign above, having the name of the shop and a neon ice cream sign on the window, which is perfect for pictures. 
Inside is also very pink aesthetic, with it being very simple with tables and stools. There is also the mascot character which represents the store, the dog in a chefs outfit which looked really cute. 

Accompanying the beautiful visual aesthetics is the sweet tasty treats of the ice-cream sandwiches are comprised of the ice-cream itself, with toppings and finishing it off with a cookie on each side. This makes the ice-cream appear to be like a sandwich of such sugary goodness. I went to the shop with my friend Phoebe (Pandora Raaain) who graciously was my company for the day. We both got some top quality froyo which both had some funny names and a play on words. This added to the appeal of the tasty dessert goodness. Phoebe got the Banana-o-na na which was a banana flavoured ice-cream while mind was the Berry Rude. Banana-o-na na was very yellow and vibrant with the treat tasting so much like a delicious banana. Mine, the ‘Berry Rude’ which has the red/pinkish ice cream which had a tang to it and perfect what you needed on a hot day to wake you up. My ice-cream was topped off with some nuts and the cookies were double chocolate chip. 

I really loved the shop, it had some delicious treats and would love to go there again. It is also a great place to take some visually appealing pictures perfect for Instagram and more. I rate the shop 10 out of 10. 

If you would like to visit the shop, to try their treats and take wonderful pictures, I really recommend it. It is a short walk from Oxford Circus Station. 

I hope you enjoyed this review, do share it and do watch my other content and keep up to date of cool places by following me on my instagram. 

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