Stepping Into the World of Skincare

I have never been one for skincare or rather it was this foreign concept to me originally. Other than the basic splashing my face with water, didn’t have any sort of skincare routine whatsoever. Whenever I thought of skincare, I immediately thought about the world of makeup as that was when I would hear the mention of skincare the most. But as time went on I learned it was its own thing separate from makeup that one would use to transform into a different person at times or enhancing their natural their beauty features.

DISCLAIMER: This is my own experience with skincare, I am no way, shape, or form advising what products you should use for your skin. Everyone’s skin is different and you should consider getting a professional skincare consultant’s advice, I am not an expert. 

Skincare was this thing, that would focus on maintaining the health of your skin and making it better. I was first inspired by watching a video of Eric Nam, a K-Pop star who showcased his skincare routine. Although there was a lot of products, I would probably never use that amount of product on my face, I did notice how great his skin looked. Watching the video I appreciated how much effort he went into maintaining the natural beauty and health of his own skin. The video in question is listed down below, go have a watch, maybe it could persuade you to have a skincare routine of your own if you don’t have one.

Before I started thinking of products, I thought about what is the properties of my own skin. Granted my skin is not perfect and with a skincare routine it may take time from all the years I haven’t used one, but I need to know before I think of the products. My skin can be complicated at times, for the most part, my skin gets very dry both in the winter and summer months, I also develop blackheads mostly around my nose area and with the occasional sweats during the summer months. My favorite products I use are the Simple products more specifically the ‘Kind to Skin’ range which rehydrates my skin. 

My skincare routine consists of 4 to 5 steps, just a very basic routine with products with not too long ingredient lists. I first like to use cleansing oil. The cleansing oil is typically used for those who wear makeup, but while it is used to get rid of makeup, it can help to get rid of the surface level dirt off. After massaging it into my skin, I wash it off. The one I like to use is the ‘Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil’ after that I then put on the ‘Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wash’, it is soap-free, and just massage it into my skin, after I wash it off. I then dry my face with a clean town and put on a toner the ‘Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner’, it usually is used to better absorb the products that are used after. I then use a moisturiser ‘Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser’. If it is the morning I would often use an SPF on top especially if it is sunny and during my nighttime skincare routine it is the 4 step. 

With the skincare routine, you can tell I have a love for ‘Simple’ products, however I am considering opening up my mind to other good products. My skin is by no way perfect, but watching Eric Nam’s video taught me that, my skin won’t remain youthful forever and I should look after my skin the best I can. Skincare isn’t a guy thing or a girl thing, it’s a natural thing that people should know about. 

I am not going down the path of being a skincare expert who talks about this non-stop but I thought I would share a bit of my experience in walking into the world of skincare. 

Two skincare experts I came across on YouTube I would recommend is ‘Hyram’ and ‘Mixed Makeup’. They seem to know what they are talking about and very entertaining to watch. 

Thats it from me

So Peace x

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