Winter Lights Festival January 2019

It goes without saying the lights festival is a sight to see. The Winter Lights Festival, occurred in the Canary Wharf, East London area of London in the United Kingdom. The festival comprised of different installations that showed off the beauty of the lights in different ways. From using revolving prisms to waterfalls to lights travelling through trees. It was truly a spectacle to witness with your own eyes. We also came across a maze which looked beautiful from the inside and outside of it, sadly there was too long a line of people to go in so in the end we had to settle for taking pictures, from outside the maze. Even still, there were some very beautiful colours and designs to be captured. 

I myself didn’t get a chance to see all the lights, but I did see as many as I can with one of my friends Nadia Ellewood. We went around on the last day however, the weather wasn’t the best to take pictures, even still me and her made the best of it.

The spinning prisms were quite a sight to see, during our time around, we managed to see two of installations of them. The only difference is that one of the spinning prisms installation was staggered like a zig-zag, while the other was in a straight line.

 Both were appealing in different ways. During the time, me and Nadia were walking about we came across the light installation in the fountain which sprayed water in arcs with different colours and coordinated with the music playing. While this was pretty, it wasn’t all it was expected to be, it was a bit of a let down. While me and Nadia, were near the fountain we came across a bunch of trees, which had many little azure lights on them which made it seem like they had many little stars. What was even more beautiful was due to the rain, the steps near the light up trees reflected the azure lights. It was truly a sight to behold. The pictures tured out really well, even if the rain was heavy that day because of the rain, both me and Nadia managed to get some quality beautiful shots, of the reflections. 

There was two other installations we came across, one being a bunch of trees of all different colours of lights that kept changing colours every couple of seconds. Looking at those trees remineded of the beautiful christmas trees, you’d usually see during the Decemeber time around London. The only issue was that there was ropes around the trees to prevent people from getting too close to the trees, so it became difficult to take pictures with too many people. We did eventually took a few shots each and though it was too bad we couldn’t get closer, still managed to capture the different colours of some of the trees. 

The last picture we took of the lights installation was the angelic wings and halo, it was difficult to get this shot in particular as there was only one and people would rush in as fast as possible. Even still both me and Nadia waiting, and my time finally came to be the angel I’ve dreamt of being of myself. The wings were beautiful but the halo could have been higher as it was too bright. Despite the halo, the picture came out well despite the rain. 

Here was how I spent my time during the Winter Lights Festival, what about you? I’m curious, did you manage to see all the lights? What was your favourite installation? I would love to hear them, so feel free to let me know. 
These are the few pictures I have included of the day, if you would like to see the full pcitures, they well be present on my Instagram and follow me on there, if you haven’t already. 
Hope you all have a fabulous day 
Kite Visionary xx

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