October Favourites 2020

Hope you’re having a fabulous day! Thought I would make an October favourites video. What a year it has been, there is no telling what will happen next but need to have a positive mindset and make the best of things. Nearing the end of the year already. Let me know in the comments what have you been up to in October. This was inspired by Lifestyle Season, go check out her October Favourites too.


Rainfall by Stormy feat. Diana Major9

Always been a fan of the grime and rap scene. Stormy has been one of those iconic artists who’s always doing his own thing and never afraid of saying it how it is. This song shook the world as a portion of his music video is featured in the game ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ which is incredible. Not only is he mapped out and in a game, but he would be idolised in it. The song is so good, that line ‘Fall on my enemies’ so good.

Agoraphobic by Corpse Husband

I remember coming across him and his beautiful, sexy voice. His voice is so deep and has this seductive quality. It’s just so good, and the music sounds so beautiful. It feels very personal and has this level of vulnerability to it, I can feel all the emotions. It’s a very nice and mellow song.

Really Love by KSI feat. Craig David & Digital Farm Animals

I’ve always been a fan of KSI, he always seems to kill it with every new song he releases and the collaborations he does. Craig David knows how to bring it with his voice. The voices go so well together and I love all the visuals. Such a nice song, I can’t get enough it, and KSI’s vibe with his rap I love it.

Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK

There was no doubt that a KPOP song was going to be featured on this favourites video. This song is so good and I can’t get enough of BLACKPINK. The song and video have more of this free kind of vibe, where they are doing whatever they want and how they don’t always need their exes and just find on their own. I especially love the dance choreography, which seems so fun, and loved the transitions. This one of the reasons why I love KPOP because of all the amazing dance choreographies.


CeraVe Soothing Cleanser

Since starting on the path to skincare, one of the good products that work well and is affordable was the CeraVe. You can feel the effects instantly and good for all types of skin. I enjoy using this cleanser and feels good while I’m applying it to my face.


How can I end this favourites without my favourite snacks for October?

One of my guilty pleasure snacks has been Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, didn’t know I was going to love Reese’s so much, but I have and usually buy them to last me for a week or longer. I’ve got a problem with this now. Another one of my favourites has been the supermarket brand Onion Ring Crisps, it is cheap but it still tastes good, I mostly buy them from a Tescos and Sainsburys. Sure they may not be as good as other crisps but I sure do love them, the classic texture and smell.

That about does it for my favourites, for now, I’m curious what are some of your favourites.

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