Finding Confidence In Dance

Dance is my biggest passion, it is my escape where I can be whoever I want to be. I don’t do it because I want to be the best dancer in the world, I do it to escape the restraints of life. I dance to let go of my day to day worries and let myself go, feeling free in that brief moment. If you would like to know more about my feelings towards dance, you can find them in my blog post ‘Why Do You Dance?‘. That blog post goes into much more detail about my humble beginnings.

When I started dancing, I will be honest, I was terrible. I had no sense of rhythm, coordination, or any type of training when it came to dancing but I tried, again and again. When I started I thought there was no way, just no way would I ever be good as the people around me. I mean they just looked incredible, the attitude, the perfect transitioning, I was always amazed. I thought to myself, I don’t have the body for it, I don’t have that heartfelt desire to want something so bad. Many of these thoughts plagued my mind and that is with anything we may do.

When we have any type of passion, whether it is to dance or anything else, as humans we are horrible at the start. No one is good at something the moment they try it, we will always keep stumbling and falling. Sure some people have talent but the true talent is when a person keeps practicing to the point it transforms into something amazing and it drives them to be an expert in their chosen passion. When I started dancing, I always drew comparisons to all those talented people around me, many of us do this without realising and our confidence takes a huge blow. When I started on my path to dance, I always made mistakes so many times that I’ve lost count of it all. I kept persevering, I kept at it even though I was bad, even though there would be those haters who told me to stop. Many just get hate from people who have no idea what they’re talking about, but one thing they will never understand is your own dedication to your craft. As time went on, I realised that mistakes didn’t matter or how horrible I looked when dancing, even the people who I looked up to would make mistakes but they pushed on through. Dancing had become more than just was something I wanted to try out, it became my confidence builder, it became something that I did because it was fun. As long as I had fun nothing else mattered, if I’m doing to make mistakes, you best believe I will be going down then up fabulously.

I keep dancing to have fun, seeking self-improvement to see what else I can do. Another dance class another day to do my best. I may not be the best dancer but hey I can be the best version of myself I can. This is not always down to my hard work, many of this is because of the amazing dance community I surround myself with. I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who share the same passion for dancing as I do, they offer their advice, friendship, and all the smiles and laughter. Honestly, it does brighten my day, whenever I see someone who makes mistakes, I see myself in them and can’t resist offering my thoughts and words of encouragement. When you are by people who are there to do their best and bring the best in others, it is wonderful.
Honestly, I am so happy, I don’t regret discovering dance, I feel more confident and more I do what I love. I would love to hear your thoughts on what passions give you confidence. Hope you have a fabulous day.

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