3 Things I have Learned During 2020

2020 what a year it has been, it has been full of chaos, uncertainty and endless worries. This past year may not have been what we expected but with the bad, there is always some good. I can say for certain that I was full of worries as well, but after much debating and pondering, I found the answers to many of my questions.

  1. Time

This past year in order to be safe, there was a series of lockdowns in London as well as other parts of the UK and the world. For the first time I realised how much time I had and how precious it was to have. When living in our day to day life, it is easy to feel to busy, tried from it all and give in to those human urges, but there is always some time we have available. I had time to think about my life, time to think about what and where do I want to go. I realised just how much time I was wasting by being so caught up keeping up with social media views/likes and attention and how I wasted so much time in non stop entertainment, which I could have used for other things.

2. Importance of Self Learning

During the periods of lockdown, rather than trying to occupy my time with entertainment, I thought I should learn something that would definitely benefit me in some way. One of the concerns I had was on the topic of money, I realised while I am a very good saver, I had no real idea to make my money last. After much researching via blogs/videos, I learned a lot and it was not as complicated as I originally thought. I could actually understand things and it felt interesting to learn all of it, I keep learning something new everyday. Another topic that I thought deeply about was the career that I wanted. It is never easy to figure out the career that we want to do for the rest of our life, it is a very hard question and something that we need to find the answer to on your own.

I couldn’t just think about turning my passion into a job but something that will help me in the long run, generate me a good decent income to live a good quality of life. I narrowed down the industry and the position, every industry is big and while I could try to be a jack of all trades, I would become a master of none. Contrary to what people say about being skilled in different things, that may not be the best as if I don’t have something I can specialise in, how can I assist with problems that are so deep that I only can offer surface level knowledge.

I want to be in the digital marketing industry, I see it having a very long future as it is still very new but has improved dramatically since the last decade. I want to specialise in being a social media manager, that is the position I want and I know that it won’t be easy, nothing ever is. Before I try apply for jobs, I need information, without knowing anything about the industry it is impossible for me to progress. I have been spending time educating myself using online courses and books. I still have a lot to learn but I know I will get there someday.

3. Thinking Long Term

This was perhaps the most important lesson I learned, I would say that it is very easy to think short term and live by the mantra ‘you only live once’ (YOLO). I always heard this term thrown around but it has become a saying for many people who live life like there is no tomorrow which ends up being very detrimental to their life. They have this mind set and many people live from paycheque to paycheque and same applies to giving up the job they want and settling for the job they already have. By learning this valuable lesson, I took the initiative to learn wanting change and I knew I can only change myself, enough with settling, I want this job and I will make it happen. I now think long term, how to budget and make sure I always have money in worst case scenario, and long term consequences for any action I take. Thinking that way may seem paranoid but I realise if I want to be in a good position career wise, finance wise and more, I can’t be narrow minded, I have to be open to all situations. This lesson has taught me look way into the future, I can’t predict everything, no one can but I can best prepare myself for everything that I can.

That’s it! Those are all the important lessons I learned, well actually there is probably more but these were the most significant to me. What important lessons have you learned? Has your life changed from learning those lessons?

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