Kite Visionary

Content Creator/Dancer/Videographer

Hi, I’m Kite Visionary a UK based content creator. I love dancing, free styling and making choreographies to different songs. I mostly make content on YouTube on Kite Visionary and Kite Visionary Vlogs. My content consists of dance videos, vlog style videos and day in the life when I go to events or hang out with friends. 

When I am not making content, I love being able to educate myself and learn about different topics. I find entertainment in watching online personalities on both YouTube and Twitch. 

I have been part of university film productions and enjoy doing videography for dancers and have done some acting before. If you would like to see some of projects I have been involved in, they will be on my portfolio page. 

Always looking to create more and further develop my skills. I will always keep dancing. 

What You Do
  • Dance
  • Videography
  • Content Creation
  • Blogging