This page will consist of different projects I have created as well as been part of.

July 2019

-Role: director, producer, camera operator, cinematographer, editor

-This film is inspired by real life hate that has been repurposed in the context of a film. It looks into how someone who may have a social following online or an ordinary person, may perceive the hate received via the online and how much it can effect them.

April 2019 – Role: Actor – The Fancy President

-Did full improv of a mix of randomness and comedy
-Gained experience in terms of acting for the camera with no experience in improv

January 2019

-This video is a showreel of all the current film productions I have been part of
-All the film projects are combination of the ones I took part in during my time in University and external

January 2019

-As a member of the Fashion society at the University of East London, my role is being the videographer/photographer
-I also created a YouTube channel to share all the videos of the events that the society hosts
-I both manage and edit all the video that I have shot of all the events
-By doing this, I had a lot of responsibility of showcasing the talents of the society to external people the best I can

October 2018

-M-SET is a project that was designed to help young people with disabilities and educate them
-Open Minds was a project that was created to teach those young people about the human brain and how it works with partnership with University of East London
-My role in the project was being the videographer to document this project
-The difficulty that came with doing videography for this project was to keep a safe distance from the children as they all have disabilities and don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable
-Had to film the children as a ‘fly on the wall’ by simply observing them and all the little activities they did

July 2018

This video was a choreography created by Kristine Brante a dance course university student dancing with Leah Taylor and Rosina Viscomi dancing to the song ‘Personally’ by P Square
-My role in this was being the videographer and testing out the different types of shots from different angles to have a wide variety to choose from when editing it together
-I edited the clips together as well along with Kristine Brante and Anastasiya Melmychuk
-The difficulty of editing this was trying to connect the clips as there would be various small moves that each of the dancers would do differently every time, it became hard to connect them with footage from other angels

May 2018

-Collide is an end of year festival for dance students by dance students
-The students showcase the pieces throughout the year they have worked on and also acts as an assessment
-This event was for the UEL Dance Urban Practice course
-My role in it was videography, photography and editing both
-In addition, made a highlights video

May 2018

-The Big Vintage Sale was one of the events created the UEL Fashion Society which was founded by the 1st year fashion students of the undergraduate degree
-The sale was formed for the purpose of raising funds for the society so it could contribute to future fashion shows, to showcase the fashion students’ works
-As a member of the fashion society, brought old clothes from home that could be sold
-Everything was sold for a cheap reasonable price, £10 and less
-My primary role was being the videographer and photographer, to capture the highlights of the sale and compile them together to make a video

April 2018

-This film follows the story of Edie and Ben, two unlikely characters who would never would have gotten together, had it not been for Olywn a bystander who brings the two together will love letters
-She brings the broken hearted Edie and the clumsy lonely Ben together, in doing so they change bit by bit and soon fall in love with fantasy crafted by the cupid Olywn
-My role in this project was the sound engineer, through my experience on set, had to captured the sound to the best of my abilities, had to make sure that the other sounds in the library would not take over the main characters sound.
-The difficult thing with recording sound in the library was that it was quite an echo due to the large space but the books acted as a buffer for the sound

March 2018

-This was a dance choreography created by Nina who is a dance student
-This was one of her first pieces she had choreographed herself
-My role was videography of her dance choreography from a wide array of angles
-Many takes were taken so we could cut between each of the footage to show longer wider shots or close up ones

March 2018

-The films follows the story of troubled single parent who has issues throughout the film with his partner, to the point their marriage was breaking down
-This escalates when the main protaganist of the film, loses his son due to his negligence of forgetting his son in bath who drown
-The trauma of losing his son is traumatic it gets pushed out of his mind, he turns into a drunk ignoring all the issues, he then comes to accept losing his son
-My role in the project was the sound engineer, who’s role involved getting crisp sounds of the ambience of the outside as well as the dialogue of the character
-During this process I learned to focus on getting the best sound possible, to be silent as possible and detect when the sound collected is too quiet or a redo was needed

February 2018

Scratch Lab is a dance event created by the students of UEL for other dance students to show off their pieces and have a fun time
It also allows the participation of other dancers as well as people from the dance society to perform
My role was to edit all the footage that was recorded and create a promo video for the event

December 2017

-This production focussed on life of a squatter, who lives in plain sight but is easily ignored by the masses
-It shows how the squatter sees the world from their eyes from three particular angles, politics, entertainment and the city
-Each of the screens played a different theme but were played simultaneously with each other to show how overwhelming it can be to the squatter who may not perfectly understand
-My role in this project was the photographer for the installation, and assistant set designer
-This was my first time working with an installation and it taught me how effective a multi-screen installation could be, to teach me about different perceptions of a person

December 2017

-This dance video is a choreography created by Dy Vaskov to the song Let’s Go by Jenny Dope. This was a class that was led by Dy, to show and teach other dancers.
-My role in this project was the videographer and editor, I captured the dancers performing in different groups. I had to edit it in a way that the clips would transition from one to the other

November 2017

-Anna English, is a channel that focuses on teaching foreigners how to speak English from all the different words that are used, to all the common phrases that an English speaker would hear
-This video was a mix of her usual English teaching mixed with a comedy sketch
-This was in celebration of 100,000 subscribers, it showcased the words/language used in a typical party at a bar
-My role in this production was being one of the party goers, being an actor in this production taught me to have an actors discipline to behave accordingly and follow the director’s instructions, of the way to act to the letter
-I acted as one of the person downing a drink in one go after being peer pressured by those around me, I also had to present my best ‘dad’ dance move along with partying with the crowd

April 2017

-Film focuses on a young man who abuses his power over women and then changes from him being in power to being powerless
-As the casting director, I was responsible for using a casting site to find the right actor that fit the description of the desired character. This meant having to be accurate as possible to find the best match of the character we had wanted to portray within the film
-After and before finding the best actor for the job, had to maintain a good communication with the actor, so they were aware of what was happening at all times and what they had to do on set

November 2016

-Film focuses on different types of creative artists across different types of mediums
-The project addresses how they think of their craft and how their creativity can be defined in a different way
-As the production assistant, I was responsible behind the scenes, for making the production schedule that everyone could stick to so that we could stay on target for what we needed to do
-I was also in charge of research for the film of possible influences that could applied to the film that we wanted to create, and gathered all materials required

May 2016

-Film focuses on the main character Trevor Blackman, a young black gay man talking about whom he is and his view on how others perceive him
-He discusses about his work and commitment to helping out young creatives
-My role in this project was the director and camera operator. By undergoing the role of director, I was given huge amounts of responsibility which meant I had to learn how to lead everyone, give concise instructions and being in perfect contact with the subjects of the film.
-As a camera operator, I learned how to get the best shots I could want and had to think of how they would fit together, when they are to be edited together